Pick A Stylist

Robyn, Manager

I started here at La De Da in 2012 and became manager in 2020. I would describe my style as edgy bohemian and you will regularly see me in shades of black, netural and earth tones. My goal in helping customers is to make you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin helping you feel like you're wearing the clothes not the other way around.

Robyn's style

Mixing blends of fitted and flowy pieces , I love light layers of balanced styles. I enjoy bring creative in any form possible and regularly create crochet and blown glass and the candy dress every year. Favorite brands: Free People, Kantha Bae, Fly London, Meadow Bleu,Merging Metals

Crystal, Owner

I started at La De Da in 2008 at the age of 19 as a part time employee, quickly moved up to full time, became manager in 2014 and purchased the store from the original owner in April of 2019. I've always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect thing that you are searching for.

Crystal's Style

I pride myself in my ability to memorize what my customers already have in their closets and really make it a point to get to know you and your likes and preferences. My style is very unique and eclectic, I like black and gold and jewel tones, studs and shimmer, antique pieces from all over the world...  all of which transcends into my styling and buying choices.  You will always find me layered in chunky jewelry of silver, gold and gemstones, labradorite especially.  Favorite brands; Free People, Johnny Was, As98, River & Sky, Chan Luu, Lock &Key

Sierra, Assistant Manager

I started in 2018 and became assistant manager in 2020. I love making someone feel confident in the pieces they wear and helping them find the style that suits them best. I enjoy thrifting and curating looks with a mix of new and old pieces.

Sierra's Style

My style is best desribed as effortlessly bohemian. You will typically find me draped in light layers of florals and earthtones. Favorite brands: Free People, Project Social T, Oli & Hali, Bed Stu,Lock & Key, KBD jewelry

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