About Us

We strive to make people feel happy, radiant, and confident in their look. Our staff enjoys hunting for just the right pieces to make the perfect, complete outfit and it is so satisfying to us to see someone light up because they feel great in what they’re wearing!

We hope to redefine what “shopping” means to you by offering a unique assortment of beautiful fashionable clothing and delivering unparalleled quality at affordable prices.

If you’re a home decorator at heart, this is also the place to come to find distinctive statement pieces to help make your home as individual as you. We carry an array of antiques and reproductions, cowhide rugs, blankets, lamps, interior scents and soaps and so much more to make your home as special as you.

We love rich, diverse textures and patterns with different worldly and cultural influences and try our best to bring the most unique items that we can find to Roanoke and our customers.

If you’re looking for something special, please come see us at our store in Roanoke. Or check out our selections online (growing even bigger, daily!) and find that perfect fantastical something that’s sure to brighten your day.

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