About Us

La De Da is an imaginative and artistic boutique nestled on the corner of Church and Market Streets in downtown Roanoke, VA. For nearly 30 years our woman owned boutique has teemed with fabulously unique clothing and accessories and we take great pride in the fact that our items and look can't normally be found elsewhere. Our whimsical boutique is a vibrant and artsy haven situated in the center of the historic market district.

With almost three decades of curating fabulously unique clothing and accessories, we proudly boast a collection that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else!

Our large jewelry selection consists of pieces from all over the world, most of it beautifully handcrafted.
Shoes and boots should be comfortable AND fashionable! We have a selection that will be sure to please all ages and feet!
If you're a home decorator at heart, this is also the place to come to find unique statement pieces to help make your home as individual as you. We carry an array of antiques and reproductions, cowhide rugs, blankets, lamps and so on.

We strive to make people feel happy, radiant and confident in their look. Our group of stylists enjoy hunting for just the right pieces to make the perfect, complete outfit and nothing is more satisfying to us than to see someone light up because they feel great in what they're wearing!

We strongly believe that everyone should have the ability to feel comfortable, confident and radiant in their style and we are proud to serve a very diverse group of clientele. In recent years we have expanded our items to include men's and a newly launched Curve line with extended sizing. La De Da regularly partners with our friends at the HUB, an organization that serves adults with disabilities, donates to many local charitable organizations in support of the arts, animals and more, and proudly supports PRIDE and the LGBTQ community.

We love rich, diverse textures and patterns with different worldly and cultural influences and try our best to bring the most unique items that we can find to Roanoke and our customers. We are also extremely conscious of ethical and environmental impact and do a lot of research to try to only partner with companies with the same values. In the past few years we have continued to expand our reach with the artisans and craftsmen local to our area and carry as much one of a kind pieces from them as we can! We have also started creating our own unique pieces by hand dying them and upcycling old pieces into new.

So... if you're looking for something special, no need to look any further. Come check us out and find that perfect fantastical something that's sure to brighten your day!

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