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For nearly 30 years, our woman owned boutique has teemed with fabulously unique clothing and accessories.

We take great pride in curating a selection of items and a look that can't normally be found elsewhere. With almost three decades of curating fabulously unique clothing and accessories, La De Da is a staple in the historic market square of downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

We believe in the power of supporting artists

We're lucky to be a part of our local art community, surrounded by a bunch of seriously talented makers we get to collaborate with. From local artist pop-ups to our lineup of artisan-crafted gems in our store. Explore our store's selection of artisan-made treasures, highlighting the talent and creativity of local artists.

In the past few years we have continued to expand our reach with the artisans and craftsmen local to our area and carry as much one of a kind pieces from them as we can!

We make it a priority to bring attention and awareness to their incredible talent. Join us every weekend from spring through fall for our artist pop-up events, where you can discover and celebrate the creativity of our local community.

Join Our Community

We are a close-knit team of 8 passionate women who absolutely love what we do. Our small size allows for a personalized experience, making our community feel like family.

Our crew loves finding just the right items for a perfect outfit and nothing is more satisfying to us than to see someone light up because they feel great in what they're wearing! Our team is dedicated to helping you discover your personal style and feel amazing every day.

We love rich, diverse textures

Unique patterns and pieces with different worldly and cultural influences. We always try our best to bring the most unique items that we can find to our Roanoke location and all our customers.

We make it a priority to be deeply conscious of ethical and environmental impact, conducting thorough research to selectively partner with companies that align with our values.

“To me, beauty is inclusion– every size, every color– that’s the world I live in.”

–Prabal Gurung

Our belief is that everyone deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and radiant in their style. We take pride in serving a diverse clientele and value the uniqueness of each guest we help.

Dedicated to embracing inclusivity, we continue to expand our men's choices and a new Curve line with extended sizing.

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Let's Celebrate Our Community at La De Da!

Beyond the inspiration that comes with our unique fashion, there's something even more beautiful at the heart of our brand - a commitment to uplifting and supporting our diverse and colorful community.

We believe that fashion and compassion are two sides of the same coin. That's why we're not content with just selling clothes. We strive to promote a lifestyle that embraces freedom, creativity, and personal growth, backed by a deep commitment to supporting local artists and community involvement.