La De Da X The HUB for Disability Pride Month!

La De Da X The HUB for Disability Pride Month!

While for many, July is often a time dedicated to summer fun, sun, and cookouts; it's important to remember what July means for so many in our community. Disability Pride Month is a celebration of achievements that bring about greater awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with disabilities.

To help celebrate Disability Pride Month, La De Da has partnered with SVH Services, The HUB, to focus on celebrating those who are changing perceptions about disability, as well as highlighting their successes! We hope to foster a sense of inclusion and community by highlighting people with disabilities in our neighborhoods and communities.

A little bit about The HUB,

The HUB is a community-engagement program for adults with disabilities that supports them in becoming more involved in their community, build friendships, and gain new experiences. They spend time with peers making plans for their day, which includes activities like bowling, going to the YMCA, swimming, shopping, grabbing a cup of coffee or visiting their favorite thrift stores.The HUB provides individuals with the goal of complete independence, and the opportunity to be involved in a community-based program while developing a well-rounded lifestyle full of friends, co-workers, and community interests.

"As adults, we all should have the same opportunities to engage in our community  without barriers. That is what the HUB is all about, meeting new people, trying new things, and getting to experience the world just like everyone else with freedom, choice, and fun!" - Emma Beard, HUB Program Manager

With over 6 million people in the United States living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (1 in 10 Americans), it's important to celebrate them during this month. We hope to spotlight local individuals with disabilities who we believe are making a difference in our community, by simply doing what they love!


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