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True Liberation (Aquarius) - 5oz Zodiac Crystal Bar Soap

True Liberation (Aquarius) - 5oz Zodiac Crystal Bar Soap

Crystal Bar Soap

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For an Aquarius ruled by the sun, they are able to fully embrace the differences of those in their surroundings. However, only when they look within and connect with their heart are they able to reach a higher state of awareness 🌈 💖 The Aquarius Sun transforms into the most authentic and vibrant version of themselves when they find the balance between internal and external universes.

CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION Aquarius energy helps us innovate, unite for social justice and follow our utopian ideals. Embedded with Pink Calcite, this crystal is all-encompassing and can bring unique benefits to the carrier’s life. It has a gift to bring out the unique energy living that we all have within.

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