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Token of Love Silk & Bamboo Kimono

Token of Love Silk & Bamboo Kimono

Market of Stars

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When we found this embroidered panel from 1821 we fell for it instantly! Thoughtfully stitched by artist Agnes Dickinson, it features the words “Token of Love” and “Those absent yet beloved” in amongst the birds, wreaths, and flowers. We turned this charming panel into a print and then married it with another heart-centered work of art, a French woodcut made by Lucienne Marchal in the early 1930s. Featuring a ribboned heart with the words (in French) “I hope you get everything your heart desires this year”, it contains sweet images representing wishes, including travel, friendship, jewelry, adventure, family, gardens, and love. Like all of our Artist Jackets, it can be worn done up or open, but our favorite way to wear it is with the belt tied loosely at the back.

  • Made from delicate, luxurious silk and wood/bamboo viscose.
  • Measures 73 cm across the back (underarm to underarm) and 78 cm in length.
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