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Sunshine Split Muu Tee

Sunshine Split Muu Tee

Kantha Bae

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The perfect split muu tee is finally here. Made from 100% cotton using eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices and all natural washes. Raw hems make this split muu tee fit for a rockstar! Our Dream Split Muu features:

✨A slouchy exterior pocket
✨Deep-V, front and back
✨A tie on the back of the neck for size customization
✨A split in the front AND back

Bring a little sunshine to your everyday with the Sun counterpart to the Moon Split Tee!! The vibey astrological artwork is paired with the phrase "your light is enough." Shine bright, beauty.

Sewn, washed, and printed in the US. Unisex.

One Size Recommended Women's 0-24

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