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Moonstruck Stardust Bamboo Kimono

Moonstruck Stardust Bamboo Kimono

Market of Stars

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Why shouldn’t what we wear be a reflection of what’s inside our hearts? Created to celebrate a deep connection to the sky and the sea, this piece is truly a wearable work of art, with so many layers of meaning to get lost in. The artwork on this incredible kimono was painted by artist Leslie Love, who made her own paints for the project using acorn cap ink, walnut husk, rose hips, and copper oxide from copper welding in her Dad’s workshop.

Of the piece, she says “When I need to restart, to refresh, to wash away my anxiety… I go to the ocean… I look at the moon and stars. I look up and sigh, everything is going to be fine. I look at the ocean, hypnotized by the waves, soothed, forgiven.”

100% bamboo/wood viscose. Machine wash gentle or handwash and hang to dry. Kimono measurements: length 92 cm , width 110 cm.

Models are 5’8” and 5’6” for reference.

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