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Love Conquers All Cropped Kimono

Love Conquers All Cropped Kimono

Market of Stars

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This powerful image from the 1800s is both strong and soft, bold and romantic. The antique lithograph depicts two figures locked in an embrace, with the arm of one and the face of the other forming a heart. We did extensive reconstruction on the image, adding doves flying out from a crescent moon in the sky, and the swirling galaxy below. Including the words “Amor Vincit Omnia”, which translates from Latin as “Love Conquers All”. 

Model is 5'9" for reference.

100% bamboo/wood viscose.

Machine wash delicate or handwash, hang to dry.

Kimono measurements:

length 60 cm, width (across back, underarm to underarm) 74 cm. 

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