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Eccentric Vessel (Aquarius) - 2.5oz Zodiac Crystal Bar Soap

Eccentric Vessel (Aquarius) - 2.5oz Zodiac Crystal Bar Soap

Crystal Bar Soap

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For an Aquarius ruled by the moon, they are creative and rebellious souls 🌈 💖 The Aquarius Moon is uncomfortable with remaining static, which causes them to push others to reach more authentic versions of themselves. However, during this process, they may scare others who aren't used to this eccentricity away. To find a balance, the Aquarius Moon can place a bit more attention on approaching others with more warmth and understanding. Diving headfirst into the chaos, the Aquarius Moon is unafraid of transformation! 

CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION Aquarius is the humanitarian of the horoscope wheel, and their futuristic and innovative energy works to unite for social justice.

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